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Franklin Peredo discusses the ramp on his Wyn bass

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Abraham Laboriel and Friends at NAMM 2012… & More

Abraham Laboriel stopped by the Wyn Guitars booth once again this year at NAMM 2012 and jammed with Jose Valentino on flute and Johnathan Hulett on congas. Slammin!

Part 2:

A couple of somewhat-Wyn-related bonus videos from NAMM 2012:

Jerry “JBlakk” Henderson and his Wyn as part of ProSonus All-Stars:

Pennal Johnson and his Wyn demonstrating the finer points of speaker response to various bass-playing techniques:

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Wyn Guitars Promo with Donald J. Alford

Donald Alford came to me about a year ago with a request for his own signature 6-string Wyn Bass. Our collaboration produced a bass built with a 5A Quilt Maple top, Padauk tone layers, African Mahogany body core and Quilt Maple back. The neck is a 7 lamination taper core design of Wenge with Padauk striping. Don’s fretboard consists of Maccassar Ebony with “DON J” inlaid in Birds Eye Maple. (Don’s musical production company – “Don J Productions”) Nordstrand Fatstack pickups, Aguilar OBP-3 preamp, with Hipshot bridge and tuners.

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Bill Dickens on a Wyn 7-string

Bill Dickens cooks on a Wyn 7-string Amboyna Burl Bass at the 2011 NAMM Show. (Just before he played, he told all of us that he wasn’t really warmed up……Yea, right!!!!)

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Donald Alford II and his band (and his Wyn bass!)

A great improvisational live clip of Donald Alford II and his band. Don is playing his AAAAA Quilt Maple topped 6 string with solid Wenge neck. “DON J” (Donald’s production company is called Don J Productions) is inlaid into his Indian Rosewood fretboard with Birds Eye Maple.

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Ethan Farmer and his Wyn bass on David Letterman

Ethan Farmer, one of the busiest cats in show biz, plays his Quilted Maple Wyn 5 backing the very hot Keri Hilson on Letterman. She sings her classic song “Don’t hate me cause I’m beautiful” (boy can I relate to that) At the end, David Letterman appears to want to know what that bass is? I’m pretty sure when he can afford it, David’s gonna be buyin’ a Wyn!

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The great Jermaine Jackson “J” Bass – Part 2

Progress continues on Jermaine Jackson’s custom Wyn bass. For part 1 of this post, see The great Jermaine Jackson “J” Bass

Progress has been made. We toyed around with many different ideas for how the bass could look and what materials to use. We’ve gone from one that was pure white with clear jewels to lights and colored jewels to a variety of exotic hard woods. We decided that the first one would be all hardwoods as we prove out the concept of a great sounding and playing bass. I made the body wings in the shape of Jermaine’s trademark “J” out of Ziricote (the blackish wood), Quilted Maple (center of the “J”), African Mahogany and Padauk (body core layers). The neck is made from Eastern rock Maple and Wenge with Bubinga stripes. As you can see, we’re going to inlay the rest of Jermain’s name into the fret board.

Jermaine Jackson's J-Bass in progress

click image to enlarge

It’s clear from this photo that there’s plenty of work left to do. The neck looks a tad thick and perhaps lacks a bit of grace? This would be called the “blocking stage” of the Prototype.

Jermaine Jackson's J-Bass in progress

click image to enlarge

At this point, the center of the “J” shape has been inlaid with Quilted Maple. But we have big plans for hollowing part of that out. It will provide a neat carrying handle, will add a cool dimensional look, and on a practical level, will lighten the bass a bit. (When you’re using all these wonderful dense tone woods, you’re always looking for ways to reduce the weight.) A Cocbolo board sits where the fret board will be. We haven’t decided whether the fret board will be Maccasar Ebony or Cocobolo. You’re just gonna have to wait for the next installment to see!!!! Stay tuned!!!

Jermaine Jackson's J-Bass in progress

click image to enlarge

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Dammo Farmer & Jermaine Jackson GK Ad

Gallien-Krueger grabbed the back outside cover of Bass Player Magazine’s September issue for this ad with Dammo Farmer and Jermaine Jackson. As you can imagine, I’m pretty ecstatic that Wyn Guitars got to come along for the ride!!

Gallien Krueger advertisement featuring Dammo Farmer and Jermaine Jackson with their Wyn basses

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Adam Johnson with Jonathan Nelson

Every once in a while a Gospel player will call me up and ask how Wyn basses sound for Gospel. I have been provided Exhibit “A” by the fantastic Maryland bassist, Adam Johnson. Crank up your computer, grab your best pair of headphones and get ready to groove to Jonathan Nelson’s “Expect the Great”. You can’t help but get inspired watching and listening to the groove Adam lays down on this one!!!

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Karl Maximus Sweeney’s “Sally The Mute”

Here’s a little acoustic number from our Liverpool, England special agent, Karl Maximus Sweeney (find him on the “Players” page). According to him, “it’s a bit sketchy but you’ll get the idea.”

This one’s from his solo material. He’s playing all the intruments on the recording. Okay you guys, Karl just turned 18. I’m afraid when I was 18, my “a bit sketchy” sounded nothing like this!

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Karl Maximus Sweeney: Sally The Mute” dl=”0″]

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